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About Florist

Ryu, the manager of TAMAYA, is a Japanese floral designer based in Taipei. He began learning the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement at the age of 15 and has traveled to Europe for further study. He has also worked as an assistant manager in a well-known flower shop in Japan. Ryu graduated from the JTFD Japan Flower Design College and is certified as a teacher in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.


Having traveled frequently between Japan and Taiwan for work, Ryu gradually fell in love with Taiwan and recognized the differences in floral culture between Japan and Taiwan. In 2021, he decided to start his own flower business in Taiwan, hoping to bring the changing seasons and the small beauties of life through flowers to more people in their daily lives.


"I believe that fireworks and flowers have many similarities, such as the shape of blooming flowers and the fleeting beauty they possess," Ryu said. "That's why I chose the name 'TAMAYA,' which means 'house of jewels' in Japanese and is also the name for artisans who create fireworks. In Japan, people shout 'TAMAYA!' when they see fireworks.


I also hopes to let flower culture flourish in Taiwan, spreading like fireworks and shining brilliantly, so that more people can appreciate its beauty."